Sigulda Mountain Marathon 2017

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    Place: Sigulda (Latvia), Svētku laukums
    Date: September 30, 2017
    Start time: 10:00
    Organizer: Kalnkapeju Sporta Centrs, in cooperation with IK Adventure Company
    Phone: +371 2962 4863
    E–mail: info @

    The most challenging trail run in Latvia and Baltics which takes place annually in the scenic maze of gorges of Gauja river national park! Ski resort slopes, muddy trails and unpredictable autumn weather. Elevation gain in marathon distance exceeds 2000 meters.



    Sep 15. Race course map has been published. Sea COURSE

    Sep 1. Race course has been set and waiting for official approval before publishing. First time in SMM history total amount of climbs on marathon course (80+ km) will exceed 3000 meters! Race course configuration changed from traditional two loop design to three loops. Hardest slopes will have to be conquered three times. And this is good news for spectators – more action to see in Race center above the great climb of Ziediņa hill.

    Jul 7. Race info published, application opened! More info about the race will follow.
    And we welcome you to follow on Facebook!

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    1. Distance

    1.1. Sigulda Mountain Marathon 2017 (Race) course is set on dirt roads, trails and off-road tracks in challenging terrain full of natural obstacles.

    1.2. There are three distances - mountain cross (14 km), half-marathon (40 km) and marathon (80 km). Precise distance parameters:

    Distance Real length Vertical climb Loops Configuration
    14 km – mountain cross 14,0+ km 600+ m 1 Small loop (B)
    40 km – half–marathon 40,0+ km 1700+ m 2 Small + Full loop (B+A)
    80 km – marathon 80,0+ km 3000+ m 3 Three Full loops (A+A+A)

    1.3. Course is marked with red/white tape. Judges are set along the course.

    1.4. Electronic timing system is used.

    2. Participants

    2.1. Participant must be at least 18 years old on start day. Participants from 16 years are allowed on mountain cross (14 km) course.

    2.2. Participant brings full responsibility about his health condition, insurance and ability to run chosen distance. Organizers provide medical assistance during event.

    2.3. Participants are divided into Men and Women and age groups:

    Men Women Year of birth Notes
    V16 S16 2000 – 2001 May compete only in14 km distance.
    V18 S18 1997 – 1999
    V21 S21 1978 – 1996
    V40 S40 1968 – 1977
    V50 S50 1958 – 1967
    V60 S60 1957 and older

    2.4. Participant chooses distance during registration. Participant competes only in chosen distance. If another distance is completed result will be fixed but out of ranking.

    3. Application

    3.1. Application in advance may be done till September 27, 2017. Application form and participation fee details - see REGISTRATION.

    3.2. Participation fee includes: course preparation, judges work, number bibs, electronic timing chip rental, snacks and drinks on course and after the finish, prize pool.

    4. Start

    4.1. Participants register in Race centre on September 30, 2017 from 07.00 till 09.30. Race centre is located at Svētku laukums (square), Sigulda city. Finish is located at the same place, but Race start will be given at the base of slope in front of Race centre.

    4.2. Participant receives number bibs which should be attached in front and clearly visible during the Race.

    4.3. Participant receives electronic chip which must be attached on hand according to given instructions.

    4.4. Start area opens at 9.30. Entering start area participant must pass electronic control station located in marked corridor. At the corridor entrance judge will check correct attachment of the electronic chip. Passing by electronic control station participant must make sure that his electronic chip issues both light and sound signals.

    4.5. Start is common for all classes and groups at 10.00. Map of start area will be published on website before the Race and will be available at Race centre.

    5. On course

    5.1. Participant should keep to marked course. Running out of marked course will lead to disqualification.

    5.2. Judges and electronic control stations are set along the course to control competition.

    5.3. In case of serious injury participant should ask other runners to report to nearest judge. Medical assistance and evacuation will be arranged.

    5.4. Time limit for 14 and 40 km competition - 8 hours.

    5.5. Time limit for 80 km competition - 13 hours. Finish is closed at 23.00. Last loop might be done in darkness conditions - headlamp necessary.

    5.6. As 80 km distance consists of three full loops, control time for the second loop finish is set to 18:00. Runners delaying this control time are not allowed into third loop.

    5.7. Snacks and drinks will be available on course in approximately 10 km intervals. Special table is arranged at Race Centre for competitors own drinks and food.

    5.8. Trekking poles may be used by participants.

    6. Awards

    6.1. Prize pool value is EUR 5000.

    6.2. All runners completing 80 km distance receive medals at finish line.

    6.3. Prizes and diplomas are given to first three runners in each class and group. If there is less then ten competitors in group only first one will be awarded.

    6.2. Award ceremony is held not sooner as 1 hour after the finish of first three runners in group.

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    To register team for the Race, fill the registration form and make participation fee payment (details – below).

    About filling registration form... If you wish to register more then one participant (team), use button  Add participant . Do not push button  Register  untill you have filled all team member data. Fields E-mail and Phone are mandatory to submit form. Individual applicants are welcome to fill in field Club/Team.

    You can make corrections in registered data any time later sending info by e-mail: info  @

    If team has collected data in some kind of tables prior official registration, it is allowed to skip form filling process on website. Send your.xls or similar table file by e-mail: info @ Please make sure that your team data table consists all the same fields as online registration form.

    Registration options

    Participation fee

    All amounts are per person.

    Distance Paid till Sep 8 Paid till Sep 27 On–site at Race day
    Individual application
    14 km EUR 18 EUR 25 EUR 30
    40 km EUR 25 EUR 30 EUR 40
    80 km EUR 35 EUR 40 EUR 50
    Team application *
    14 km EUR 15 EUR 20 -
    40 km EUR 20 EUR 25 -
    80 km EUR 30 EUR 35 -
    Juniors **
    14 km EUR 10 EUR 15 -
    40 km EUR 15 EUR 20 -
    80 km EUR 25 EUR 30 -

    *   – JUNIORS – persons born after January 1, 1999.
    ** – TEAM
    – 5 or more participants applying all together. All kind of teams are accepted: formal ones – running clubs, companies etc., and unformal as well – family, squad of friends etc.

    Account info
    Name: IK Adventure Company
    Reg. Nr: 40002116651
    Address: 19-37 Dammes iela, Rīga, LV-1069
    Bank: Swedbank AS
    SWIFT code: HABALV22
    Account Nr: LV23HABA0551012398822

    Please include team or participant name in participation fee payment notes!

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    See below list of registered participants! If you can not see previously registered participants name listed (name misspelling, wrong distance or gender, mistaken year of birth and all kind of mistakes) send note to e-mail: info @





    80 km, men
    Surname Name Year of birth Country City Club / Team
    Rupainis Didzis 1990 LVA Drusti
    Heislers Harijs 1991 LVA Riga
    Leitāns Andris 1985 LVA Ozolnieki Piedzīvojuma Gars
    Barons Kristaps 1986 LVA Rīga
    Rozis Roberts 1971 LVA Rīga
    Unt Toomas 1975 EST Saue vald EUT
    Klepers Uldis 1980 LVA Smiltene Ziemeļkurzeme OK
    Jakovļevs Vitālijs 1982 LVA Cēsis
    Kumpiņš Ainārs 1984 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien /
    Jansons Niks 1994 LVA
    Perunovs Juris 1975 LVA Ventspils Zoorbagan
    Vetevoog Kaido 1973 EST Tallinn FB Jooksmine
    Rõuk Olle 1974 EST Keila EUT
    Jansons Niks 1994 LVA LHM
    Valk Priit 1974 EST Peetri alevik
    Šnepste Jānis 1974 LVA Rīga vsk noskrien/metroons
    Zimackis Viesturs 1989 LVA Rīga
    Baikovs Pavels 1986 LVA Riga Team Biegowy Szczecinek
    Suborins Viktors 1951 LVA Garciems Carnikavas sporta klubs
    Leja Andris 1970 LVA Talsi Ziemeļkurzeme OK
    Plaudis Mārtiņš 1993 LVA Sigulda VSK Noskrien / SK Dzērvene
    Bāliņš Andris 1981 LVA Jelgava VSK Noskrien / SK Dzērvene
    Lunts Armands 1969 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Maksims Artis 1996 LVA Alūksne Nacionālā aizsardzības akadēmija
    Kudrjaševs Mihails 1977 LVA Rīga Fizmati
    Limanāns Dainis 1983 LVA Biksti Rieksti / VSK Noskrien
    Ludriks Andris 1972 LVA Bauska Rieksti / VSK Noskrien
    Jēgers Mārcis 1982 LVA Rīga Psyhopath 13
    Pūcītis Artis 1981 LVA Ādaži
    Biders Toms 1991 LVA Saldus Legs Misérables
    Bērziņš Gints 1980 LVA Ikšķile Mana ģimene un draugi
    Vadzis Artūrs 1991 LVA Drusti
    Svarinskis Sandis 1973 LVA Jērcēni
    Bundzinieks Aigars 1965 LVA Vaive
    Andersons Renarts 1976 LVA Rīga Dīkdienis
    Čeksters Aigars 1981 LVA Inčukalns VSK Noskrien
    Drešmanis Andris 1972 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Līcītis Artis 1985 LVA Lielvārde VSK Noskrien
    Čonka Didzis 1969 LVA Iecava VSK Noskrien
    Kokorevičs Edgars 1987 LVA Valmiera VSK Noskrien
    Vītols Jānis 1961 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Adijāns Kaspars 1987 LVA Viļāni VSK Noskrien
    Ceriņš Kristaps 1982 LVA Priekuļu novads VSK Noskrien
    Zumbergs Miķelis 1982 LVA Dundaga VSK Noskrien
    Cimermanis Oskars 1985 LVA Smiltene VSK Noskrien
    Paeglis Tālis 1985 LVA Mazsalaca VSK Noskrien
    Pormeisters Uldis 1987 LVA Valka/Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Krievs Haralds 1975 LVA 🙂
    Bleiers Jānis 1974 LVA Rīga "Dīkdienis"
    Raits Didzis 1990 LVA Rīga
    Magone Kristaps 1992 LVA Cēsis
    Fokerots Gusts 1980 LVA Upeslejas Vientuļais vilks
    Pūcītis Gatis 1981 LVA Mārupe Riga Ironman Team
    Kalējs Aigars 1981 LVA Cēsis Virsotne/MARMOT
    Piirimae Paertel 1972 EST Tartu Prorunner
    Rēders Andris 1979 LVA Tīraine
    Brauns Didzis 1991 LVA Rīga
    Videmanis Māris 1979 LVA Ogre Mežsusuri
    Stepanovs Jevgeņijs 1987 LVA Rīga DzSK Lokomotīve
    Selivanovs Mihails 1971 LVA Riga LSC/ Jūrmala
    Pae Andres 1970 EST Tartu Suusahullud
    Kirtovskis Uldis 1962 LVA Salaspils Izturība
    Kulpe Valdis 1975 LVA Ikšķile Izturība
    Opolais Intars 1979 LVA Ikšķile Izturība
    Bremze Edgars 1974 LVA Ikšķile Izturība
    Ozoliņš Mārtiņš 1984 LVA Valmiera Riga Adventure Team
    Biktimirovs Konstantīns 1992 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Riekstiņš Artūrs 1983 LVA Riga Līdz galam
    Haritonovs Matīss 1988 LVA AMPSTÜKK
    Kanna Kristaps 1992 LVA Rīga ASK PATRIA
    Einasto Mart 1969 EST Nõo vald TÜASK
    Brahmanis Ainārs 1976 LVA Kuldīga sk Katrīna
    Spūlis Aivars 1979 LVA Izturība
    Gailis Emīls 1974 LVA Rīga SELONIA
    Brants Artūrs 1986 LVA Cēsis
    Ūdris Aigars 1959 LVA Rīga
    Ģērmanis Kaspars 1982 LVA Rīga
    Cīrulis Ainars 1958 LVA Marupe

    80 km, women
    Surname Name Year of birth Country City Club / Team
    Zīriuse Inta 1987 LVA Salacgrīva VSK Noskrien
    Andrejeva Natalja 1979 LVA London
    Lukševica Antra 1981 LVA Rīga Vsk noskrien
    Treulande Natālija 1988 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Ziediņa Inga 1971 LVA Aizkraukle VSK Noskrien / SK Dzērvene
    Arbidāne Sintija 1990 LVA Rīga Legs Misérables
    Kāpiņa Inga 1973 LVA Sigulda VSK Noskrien Vāveres
    Veipa Dace 1979 LVA Baltezers VSK Noskrien Vāveres
    Švilpe Anete 1993 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien Vāveres
    Kirilova Viviana 1976 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien Vāveres
    Čerņevska Lauma 1985 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien Vāveres
    Aumeistere Ance 1986 LVA Laimaskoks
    Plūmane Gunda 1976 LVA Mazsalaca VSK Noskrien
    Līce Līga 1975 LVA Sigulda VSK Noskrien
    Karpenko Zane 1984 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Gotcaityte Monika 1991 LTU Vilnius
    Vībure Līga 1979 LVA Rīga
    Boldāne Linda 1992 LVA
    Kuļčihina Svetlana 1975 LVA Rīga
    Kārkliņa Ilva 1972 LVA Sigulda
    Ābola Alīda 1954 LVA Sigulda Ozons
    Vāce Sigita 1979 LVA Rīga
    Krastiņa Jolanta 1994 LVA Vecpiebalga

    40 km, men
    Surname Name Year of birth Country City Club / Team
    Caune Kristaps 1993 LVA Riga
    Nausėda Evaldas 1992 LTU Vilnius
    Berzinskas Aurimas 1980 LTU Siauliai Green Team
    Bricis Jēkabs 1990 LVA Rīga Bez kompasa
    Rojus Laimonas 1988 LTU Siauliai Green Team
    Velps Uldis 1971 LVA Smilltene VSK Noskrien
    Kaufmanis Toms 1993 LVA Beverīnas nov. Maratona klubs
    Bērziņš Toms 1985 LVA Valmiera Plastik
    Borisevics Jānis 1984 LVA Valmiera
    Barauskas Justinas 1989 LTU Vilnius Vilnius Running Tours
    Gailis Mārtiņš 1989 LVA Kocēnu novads Kocēnu novads
    Kūms Jānis 1988 LVA Rīga Inov-8 |
    Zariņš Nauris 1981 LVA Mārupe
    Ketlers Artūrs 1994 LVA Ogre VSK Noskrien / SK Dzērvene
    Blumbergs Normunds 1970 LVA Saulkrasti
    Kļaviņš Uldis 1984 LVA Sigulda Rieksti / VSK Noskrien
    Rērihs Dzintars 1984 LVA Ropaži Rieksti / VSK Noskrien
    Saveļjevs Viktors 1984 LVA Alūksne Rieksti / VSK Noskrien
    Ozoliņš Raimons 1983 LVA Rīga Rieksti / VSK Noskrien
    Jaunzems Fidžeralds Dzintars Džons 1983 LVA Klātiene Siguldas Maratona klubs / Paduza & Apti
    Cibuļskis Aigars 1979 LVA Ropaži Legs Misérables
    Šteinbergs Kristaps 1989 LVA Rīga Legs Misérables
    Germovs Arvīds 1974 LVA Mārupe
    Urtāns Jurģis 1983 LVA Jēkabpils novads VANAGI
    Šmits Edijs 1979 LVA Rīga Enkurs
    Mirķis Jānis 1980 LVA Laimaskoks
    Ābelīte Arnis 1966 LVA Salaspils Virsotne/Marmot
    Vadzis Imants 1985 LVA Drusti
    Rubīns Elvis 1994 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Miķelsons Mārtiņš 1977 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Bērziņš Raitis 1986 LVA Valmiera VSK Noskrien
    Čunka Valdis 1982 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Čehovičs Kristaps 1987 LVA Ramata ES
    Domarkas Aivaras 1979 LTU Šiauliai
    Pļaviņš Nauris 1982 LVA
    Birnbaums Rūdolfs 1982 LVA Sigulda
    Stupiņš Deivids 1997 LVA Kuldīga Sk Katrīna
    Mežulis Ansis 1971 LVA Jūrmala Jūrmalas skrējēju klubs
    Vēsma Ģirts 1955 LVA Rīga Zengales Ziņas
    Vāvere Mārtiņš 1966 LVA Dzelzs vāveres
    Neļķe Didzis 1972 LVA Dzelzs vāveres
    Reinfelds Raivis 1987 LVA Talsi PROF.LV / Talsu Pakalnu Sporta Klubs
    Vēzītis Kaspars 1976 LVA Laimaskoks
    Brammanis Dāvis 1993 LVA Cēsis Rāmuļi
    Krusts Roberts 1976 LVA Vācu kalni OK "Purva Bridējs"
    Pīlādzis Kaspars 1982 LVA Rīga Riga Adventure Team
    Trukšs Rinalds 1982 LVA Nereta Riga Adventure Team
    Nāgelis Jānis 1960 LVA Olaine Mona
    Amsters Jānis 1988 LVA Jelgava
    Svilpe Klāvs 1985 LVA Kuldīga
    Lācis Kaspars LVA Sigulda
    Dūdiņš Dzintars 1970 LVA Sigulda Siguldas Maratona klubs
    Reinholds Aivis 1972 LVA Sigulda Siguldas Maratona klubs
    Kļaviņš Juris 1966 LVA Ozolnieki ZAJEC
    Pielēns-Pelēns Artūrs 1985 LVA Rīga Lattelecom
    Kronbergs Dainis 1976 LVA Tukums BlueOrange Bank
    Kronbergs Normunds 1990 LVA Tukums
    Vingris Kaspars 1981 LVA Carnikavas novads Virsotne/Marmot

    40 km, women
    Surname Name Year of birth Country City Club / Team
    Banga Hodžajeva Dace 1981 LVA Rīga Core Fitness Latvia
    Jurševica Līga 1990 LVA Rīga zakitis_bizotajs
    Melberga Evija 1991 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien / SK Dzērvene
    Peteļina Margarita 1977 LVA Riga
    Urtāne Ērika 1983 LVA Jēkabpils novads VANAGI
    Lelle Liene 1988 LVA Laimaskoks
    Pauluka Ieva 1981 LVA Laimaskoks
    Pavāre Ilze 1985 LVA Rīga Laimaskoks
    Grizāne Agita 1978 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Čonka Aija 1966 LVA Iecava VSK Noskrien
    Abzalone Zanda 1974 LVA Sigulda Siguldas novads
    Veita Kristīne 1974 LVA Sigulda Siguldas novads
    Vovka Olga 1983 LVA Rīga
    Kokoreviča Inese 1984 LVA Valmiera Koko team
    Skrastiņa Anete 1988 LVA Rīga Laimaskoks
    Dziļuma Zane 1986 LVA Rīga Bumbierīšu kalni
    Baliko Nellija 1980 LVA Rīga Riga Adventure Team
    Ozola Baiba 1964 LVA Rīga Mona
    Dzirkale Zane 1983 LVA Ozolnieki ZAJEC
    Keir Kukk Kaidi 1994 EST AMPSTÜKK
    Radoviča Simona 1990 LVA Saldus
    Meikšāne Agnese 1980 LVA Rīga
    Katlapa Linda 1976 LVA Sigulda Siguldas Maratona klubs
    Sedleniece Ilona 1975 LVA Rīga
    Konakova Lydia 1986 RUS

    14 km, men
    Surname Name Year of birth Country City Club / Team
    Kaušs Gatis 1983 LVA Rīga Riga Adventure Team
    Ulmanis Intars 1982 LVA Valmiera VSK Noskrien
    Priedīts Matīss 1991 LVA Saulkrasti
    Verdenhofs Atis 1985 LVA Salaspils Enkurs
    Lukevics Gustavs 1998 LVA Rīga PLEP
    Damroze Oskars 1994 LVA Rīga Damroze Family
    Mušperts Gvido 1977 LVA Rīga
    Danilovs Romans 1992 LVA Riga
    Hodžajevs Anrijs 1982 LVA Rīga Core fitness Latvia
    Birze Āris 1989 LVA Ja LHM
    Cjuksa Deivids 1993 LVA LHM
    Šēns Karlis 1994 LVA LHM
    Ārinieks Edgars 1993 LVA LHM
    Katkovskis Aivars 1993 LVA LHM
    Galdiņš Uldis 1976 LVA Sigulda LabaDaba
    Popovas Jevgenijus 1987 LTU Vilnius Vilnius Running Tours
    Berzins Gints 1980 LVA Ikskile Mana ģimene un draugi
    Kulakov Nikolay 1974 RUS Moscow
    Iļčenko Juris 1990 LVA Saldus VSK Noskrien / SK Dzērvene
    Ziediņš Sandis 1994 LVA Aizkraukle VSK Noskrien / SK Dzērvene
    Apsītis Oskars 1977 LVA Rīga 2 KOKI
    Indāns Mareks 1972 LVA Ogre Ogre OK/SC
    Vītiņš Jānis 1979 LVA Rīga Rieksti / VSK Noskrien
    Broks Kristaps 1988 LVA Madona Rieksti / VSK Noskrien
    Veics Ervīns 1973 LVA Rīga
    Mejers Valters 2000 LVA Limbaži
    Kvālis Emīls 1995 LVA Mārupe Mārupes Dunkani
    Vēveris Jānis 1985 LVA Rīga
    Svarinskis Jēkabs 2001 LVA Garkalne
    Nikiforovs Rihards 1986 LVA Rīga
    Mirķis Toms 2007 LVA Laimaskoks
    Kaucis Raitis 1982 LVA Rīga Laimaskoks
    Jermaks Teo 2010 LVA Jūrmala Laimaskoks
    Jermaks Hugo 2009 LVA Jūrmala Laimaskoks
    Rencis Edgars 1982 LVA Valmiera, Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Inka Uģis 1976 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Melvers Frenks 1995 LVA Rīga
    Cipulis Emīls 1995 LVA AS Olainfarm
    Melnis Andris 1990 LVA AS Olainfarm
    Balunovs Edgars 1989 LVA AS Olainfarm
    Bruners Kristaps 1999 LVA Sigulda Siguldas novads
    Mežiels Jānis 1990 LVA Koknese ASK PATRIA
    Banders Jānis 1979 LVA Jelgava
    Jermacans Ainārs 1979 LVA
    Jurkāns Jurġis 1982 LVA
    Putniņš Uldis 1979 LVA
    Ķemeris Artis 1985 LVA Aizputes pag.
    Mozulis Eduards 1998 LVA Milzkalne Engures Sportam
    Mozulis Aivars 1972 LVA Milzkalne Engures Sportam
    Apinis Mārtiņš 1989 LVA Valmiera Vidzemes Mērnieks - Dako Ziemeļvidzeme
    Zariņš Augusts 1986 LVA Rīga Laimaskoks
    Vidzis Jurģis 1985 LVA Rīga Laimaskoks
    Lūsis Oskars 1986 LVA Laimaskoks
    Evertovskis Juris 1988 LVA Rīga
    Evertovskis Kārlis 1990 LVA Rīga
    Nikels Jānis 1989 LVA Rīga
    Zalcmanis Emīls 1988 LVA Dobelnieki
    Katlaps Uldis 1993 LVA Ineši Inešu leģendas
    Zondaks Miķelis 1990 LVA Rīga Bumbierīšu kalni
    Stukuls Jurģis 1990 LVA Rīga Bumbierīšu kalni
    Simsons Mārtiņš 1991 LVA Rīga Bumbierīšu kalni
    Rācenis Jurģis 1982 LVA Aloja Noskrien
    Lērme Ints 1975 LVA Valmiera Vidzemes Mērnieks-Dako Ziemeļvidzeme
    Bremze Normunds 1967 LVA Rīga Izturība
    Strazdiņš Pēteris 1962 LVA Rīga Mona
    Strazdiņš Patriks 1992 LVA Rīga Mona
    Strazdiņš Henrijs 1996 LVA Rīga Mona
    Legzdiņš Krists 1988 LVA Riga Pats Sev Čempions
    Ronis Raimonds 1989 LVA Riga Pats Sev Čempions
    Kazainis Viesturs 1960 LVA Ilzene Pats Sev Čempions
    Priede Mārtiņš 1986 LVA AMPSTÜKK
    Eglītis Ivars 1976 LVA Kocēnu novads
    Drozds Alvis 1995 LVA Cesis VSK Noskrien
    Hofmanis Nauris 1996 LVA Jelgava REMOSS
    Riekstiņš Kristiāns 1980 LVA Rīga Riekstžoklis
    Petrovs Jevgenijs 1974 LVA Daugavpils Ok Stiga
    Staņa Kristiāns 2001 LVA Rīga SK Briksnis
    Ceriņš Kristaps 1989 LVA Cēsis / VSK NOSKRIEN
    Drozds Alvis 1995 LVA Cēsis / VSK NOSKRIEN
    Kalniņš Gints 1975 LVA Sigulda Siguldas Maratona klubs
    Lešinskis Edgars 1974 LVA Turaida Siguldas Maratona klubs
    Kārkliņš Kaspars 1972 LVA Sigulda Siguldas Maratona klubs
    Labsvīrs Jānis 1975 LVA Sigulda Siguldas Maratona klubs
    Staņa Gustavs 2004 LVA Rīga Auseklis IK
    Gornavs Ansis 1976 LVA Sigulda SK Sigulda
    Dazarts Māris 1985 LVA Kuldīga
    Lukjanovičs Edgars 1980 LVA Rīga
    Gaņģītis Gatis 1982 LVA Vecbebri

    14 km, women
    Surname Name Year of birth Country City Club / Team
    Pažusa Anete 1992 LVA Rīga
    Lesiņa Krista 1989 LVA Rīga
    Neimane Elīna 1988 LVA Valmiera
    Damroze Darja 1986 LVA Olaines nov. Damroze Family
    Rutkovska Simona 1996 LVA Rīga SimoonskiTV
    Mušperte Liene 1979 LVA Rīga
    Audere Silva 1990 LVA Priekuļi
    Mudrova Liene 1989 LVA Auce
    Kalnāre Jana 1984 LVA Rīga
    Kovaleva Marina 1977 RUS Moscow
    Heidemann Patricia 1994 DEU Riga -
    Vate Inga 1967 LVA Milzkalne
    Vate Evija 1990 LVA Tukums
    Trapp Selina 1993 DEU Riga
    Žumbure Elza 1991 LVA Rīga Legs Misérables
    Germova Rigonda 1976 LVA Mārupe
    Pupure Jolanta 1983 LVA
    Rēriha Inese 1986 LVA Ropaži VSK Noskrien Vāveres
    Pušpure Rasma 1990 LVA Rīga
    Balanasa Kristīne 1978 LVA Sigulda
    Eriņa Maruta 1992 LVA Madona
    Vilka Laura 1981 LVA Laimaskoks
    Mirķe Evija 1980 LVA Laimaskoks
    Buhalova Veronika 1987 LVA Mārupe
    Reinholde Inese 1983 LVA Jūrmala Laimaskoks
    Krieva Iveta 1976 LVA 🙂
    Melne Ilga 1996 LVA AS Olainfarm
    Galdiņa Zane 1984 LVA Rīga Smiling runner
    Bērziņa Jana 1969 LVA Rīga
    Trektere Līva 1996 LVA
    Boldāne Ilze 1966 LVA Gulbene
    Viļumsone Ilona 1973 LVA
    Ozoliņa Ieva 1987 LVA
    Pļaviņa Inga 1982 LVA
    Putniņa Kristīne 1979 LVA
    Tītmane Dace 1972 LVA Rīga
    Leitlande Ligita 1970 LVA Jelgava Zengales Ziņas
    Baumane Liene 1982 LVA Rīga Laimaskoks
    Jansone Anna 1989 LVA Rīga
    Puise-Puiše Liena 1990 LVA Rīga
    Vilka Dagne 1988 LVA Rīga Laimaskoks
    Katlapa Agnese 1991 LVA Ineši
    Katlapa Elīza 1998 LVA Ineši Inešu leģendas
    Timma Zane 1988 LVA Rīga Bumbierīšu kalni
    Osīte Agnese 1994 LVA Rīga Bumbierīšu kalni
    Veličko Laura 1985 LVA Rīga Pats Sev Čempions
    Saulīte Rita 1977 LVA Valmiera Riga Adventure Team
    Žukovska Santa 1990 LVA Rīga
    Kazaine Santa 1990 LVA Ilzene Pats Sev Čempions
    Līdumniece Līga 1988 LVA AMPSTÜKK
    Muižniece Madara 1990 LVA AMPSTÜKK
    Zeltīte Ieva 1977 LVA Rīga Laimaskoks
    Pētersone Laura 1982 LVA Kocēnu novads VSK Noskrien
    Sekace Kristīne 1980 LVA Kustību telpa
    Puze Jana 1987 LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Apsēna Kristīne 1997 LVA Rīga REMOSS
    Mauliņa Ieva 1976 LVA Rīga SK Briksnis
    Tālmane Ilze 1977 LVA Rīga MARATONA KLUBS
    Mamaja Lauma 1985 LVA Sigulda Siguldas Maratona klubs
    Beitika Baiba 1978 LVA Sigulda Siguldas Maratona klubs
    Labsvīra Liene 1982 LVA Sigulda Siguldas Maratona klubs
    Ūdre Zaiga 1958 LVA Rīga
    Līce Linda 1989 LVA Sigulda Sk Sigulda
    Rūja Kristīne 1976 LVA Sigulda SK Sigulda
    Rezgale Arta 1986 LVA Ventspils SK Sigulda
    Velviča Elīna 1987 LVA Rīga

  • ...


    There are three distances - mountain cross (14 km), half-marathon (40 km) and marathon (80 km).

    Race Centre is located at FINISH area! Detailed info on arrival, parking and pre-start registration will be published on Sep 26.

    Race start is given at the base of slope in front of Race Centre.

    Race course is set as 26,7 km loop (A). And there are two shortcuts creating small loop (B), which is 13,9 km.

    80 km race participants will have to complete three full loops.

    40 km runners first will complete course is order: small loop (B) + full loop (A).


    Race course map

    Printable and interactive map can be seen at map service, links below. You can download GPS track in various formats. Apps available for both Android and iPhone mobile devices.

    A – full loop, 26,7 km. Interactive map here.

    B – small loop, 13,9 km. Interactive map here.

    Note. Map engine recalculates tracks, optimizing number of track points. As a result it shows slightly less distance and climb meters as it will be on real course.

  • ...

    To be published after the Race.



    Full results of the Race ranked by group in distance (xls file): rez_skm2016_all


    Absolute ranking for marathon – 70 km, ITRA standart (xls file): res_mar16_70km_itra


    Absolute ranking for half-marathon – 35 km, ITRA standart (xls file): res_mar16_35km_itra



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    Photo / Video


    To be published after the Race.
    Below some links to photos and videos from last year race.


    Album by Ralfs Jumiķis:

    Album by Taku Skrējējs on FB:



    Great footage by Arnis Kuzmanis posted on FB:

    Finish of Līga Līce (70 km, 3rd overall) by Mareks Gaļinovskis:

    10 minutes before the start... video by Mareks Gaļinovskis:




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