Back in the woods! is back after a few months spent in off-line mode. The old server passage into an eternity forced to accomplish long awaited website's rebuilding process. So here it is - a little austere and a little green (in summery mood). There are some technical things to be improved in the near future, some more information sections will be added, but otherwise everything is working. In adventure racing terminology - the exchange point!

SAR 2015. Exchange point. Photo: Jānis Incenbergs
SAR 2015. Exchange point. Photo: Jānis Incenbergs

Did you know - an old website contained about 3,000 pages?! Results, map archives, photo galleries for more than 60 races we had organized and so on. In comparison, the new website now contains only a couple dozen pages of information. However, it is enrolled in the direction of something more functional and more appropriate in modern web environment. We have plans to restore some items from the old website, but as everyone knows - only event participants can create real fulfillment.

So - we open new adventure season! Information about all our events is under the menu RACES. Currently we have published full details of the adventure race Latvia Adventure Raid in 2016, to be held in early July in Latgale region. Next on the agenda - ASICS Sigulda Mountain Marathon 2016.

See you on adventures, back in the woods!

Trail run: 14 km / 35 km / 70 km
October 1, Latvia
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bar300Adventure race
15.-16. oktobris
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