Sigulda Mountain Marathon 2021

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    Place:Sigulda (Latvia), Svētku laukums
    Date:September 25, 2021
    Start time:10:00
    Organizer:Biedrība Kalnkapeju Sporta Centrs
    In cooperation with:Biedrība Ultrataka,
    IK Adventure Company
    Phone:+371 2962 4863









    The most challenging trail run in Latvia and Baltics which takes place annually in the scenic maze of gorges of Gauja river national park! Ski resort slopes, muddy trails and unpredictable autumn weather. Elevation gain in marathon distance exceeds 3000 meters.


    Sep 27. Detailed results added in REZULTS section. Direct link here: results.

    Sep 26. The race has finished! And the winners in 70 km distance –
    Ieva Upmace-Grīviņa
    (9:19:23) and Toms Komass (7:26:00). Congratulations!
    Thanks to all participants, supporters, spectators, volunteers and everyone who took part in Sigulda Mountain Marathon 2021!
    Photo: Agnese Vēze


    Sep 23. Pre-start bulletin published. Check out useful information about:
    – start procedure;
    – race course marking description/examples;
    – water point location;
    – allowed and forbidden things during the race;
    – cut-off times (70 km) etc.
    See: pre-start bulletin

    Sep 23. On-line registration closed.


    Sep 17. Race course published. See at section COURSE

    Aug 10. Race info published, application opened! More info about the race will follow. 



    COVID-19 restrictions!
    Right now there are no restrictions for participation in Sigulda Mountain Marathon 2021 except ones for entering Latvia if you travel from abroad. Please check official informative page about the spread of COVID-19 in Latvia and travel restrictions:
    . Keep in mind that the rapidly changing conditions due to COVID-19 may enforce restrictions for public gatherings even at the last moment. We will keep you updated in case of changes.

    And we welcome you to follow on Facebook!

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    1. Distance

    1.1. Sigulda Mountain Marathon 2021 (Race) course is set on dirt roads, trails and off-road tracks in challenging terrain full of natural obstacles.

    1.2. There are three distances - mountain cross (15 km), half-marathon (35 km) and marathon (70 km). Full distance parameters:

    DistanceReal length*Vertical climb*LoopsConfiguration
    15 km – mountain cross14-16 km600-750 m1see COURSE
    35 km – half–marathon34-36 km1500-1700 m2see COURSE
    70 km – marathon68-72 km3000-3500 m4see COURSE

    *note: closure of some park trails due to seasonal conditions may impact distance parameters even on race day morning.

    1.3. Course is marked with red/white tape and direction arrows. Judges are set along the course.

    1.4. Electronic timing system is used.

    2. Participants

    2.1. Participant must be at least 18 years old on start day. Participants from 16 years are allowed on mountain cross (15 km) course.

    2.2. Participant takes full responsibility about his health condition, insurance and ability to run chosen distance. Organisers provide medical assistance during event.

    2.3. Participants are divided into Men and Women and age groups:

    MenWomenYear of birthNotes
    V16S162004 – 2005May compete only in 15 km distance.
    V18S182001 – 2003
    V21S211982 – 2000
    V40S401972 – 1981
    V50S501962 – 1971
    V60S601961 and older

    2.4. Participant chooses distance during registration. Participant competes only in chosen distance. If another distance is completed result will be fixed but out of ranking.

    2.5. If there are less then three participants in group, then group is closed and participants are added to next group according scheme: S/V16 –> S/V18 –> S/V21 <– S/V40 <–S/V50 <–S/V60. 

    3. Application

    3.1. Application in advance may be done till September 22, 2021. Application form and participation fee details - see REGISTRATION.

    3.2. Participation fee includes: course preparation, judges work, number bibs, electronic timing chip rental, snacks and drinks on course and after the finish, prize pool.

    4. Start

    4.1. Participants register in Race centre on September 25, 2021 from 07.00 till 09.30. Race centre is located at Svētku laukums (square), Sigulda city. Finish is located at the same place, but Race start will be given at the base of slope in front of Race centre.

    4.2. Participant receives number bibs which should be attached in front and clearly visible during the Race.

    4.3. Participant receives electronic chip which must be attached on hand according to given instructions.

    4.4. At 9.30 start area opens. Entering start area participant must pass electronic control station located in marked corridor. At the corridor entrance judge will check correct attachment of the electronic chip. Passing by electronic control station participant must make sure that his electronic chip issues both light and sound signals.

    4.5. Start is common for all classes and groups at 10.00. Map of start area will be published on website before the Race and will be available at Race centre.

    5. On course

    5.1. Participant should keep to marked course. Running out of marked course will lead to disqualification.

    5.2. Judges and electronic control stations are set along the course to control competition.

    5.3. In case of serious injury participant should ask other runners to report to nearest judge. Medical assistance and evacuation will be arranged.

    5.4. Time limit for 15 and 35 km competition - 8 hours.

    5.5. Time limit for 70 km competition - 12,5 hours. Finish is closed at 22.30. Last loops might be done in darkness conditions - headlamp necessary.

    5.6. As 70 km distance consists of four loops, control time for the third loop finish is set to 20:00. Runners delaying this control time are not allowed into final loop.

    5.7. Snacks and drinks will be available on course in approximately 7–10 km intervals. Special table is arranged at Race Centre for competitors own drinks and food.

    5.8. Trekking poles may be used by participants.

    6. Awards

    6.1. All runners completing 70 km distance receive traditional cast iron medals at finish line.

    6.2. Prizes and diplomas are given to first three runners in each class and group. If there is less then eight competitors in group only first one will be awarded.

    6.3. Award ceremony is held not sooner as 1 hour after the finish of first three runners in group.

    7. Protests

    7.1. Protests must be presented in written form not later then 1 hour after participants finish time. Protest fee – 30 EUR – must be paid. If the protest is satisfied protest fee is repaid back.

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    Online registration – closed!
    Only option to register – on site at race center before the start. Arrive earlier as number of extra participant spots is limited.


    To apply for participation in Race please fill registration form below and make participation fee payment. Fee details and account info - below.



    Privacy policy is owned and maintained by IK Adventure Company.
    IK Adventure Company does not collect any personal data about homepage visitors without their consent.

    Applying to our sport event participant must be aware that:
    1) This is a public event where photo and video filming will take place with subsequent publication for a wide range of purposes - mass media publications, social networks, personal galleries, etc.
    2) Organisers need some personal data of the participants to ensure the correct conduct of the marathon and to be able to contact with participants.
    Only personal data has been collected through the registration form when person is applying to the event we are organising. All personal data is handled according to the purpose of the acquisition, for example, to put participant into correct start group by age and gender, or to send pre-start newsletters and other important event information via e-mail. etc. After the event, all participants’ personal data not necessary for final ranking table is automatically deleted within 30 days.
    IK Adventure Company has taken all necessary measures to ensure the protection of the personal data in accordance with the regulatory enactments in force in Latvia and to prevent their unjustified access to third parties.
    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us: info @

    Registration form

    Fields highlighted in red - mandatory.
    Field City is optional. Name of city or county you live in and want to be associated.
    Field Club or Team is optional. Leave blank if you do not want to publicly represent any.
    If you want to register more than one participant, click on the Add Participant button. All additional participants will be automatically assigned the same club/team of the first one.


    Participation fee

    All amounts are per person.

    DistancePaid till Sep 10Paid till Sep 17Paid till Sep 23On–site at Race day
    Individual application
    15 kmEUR 20EUR 25EUR 30EUR 40
    35 kmEUR 30EUR 35EUR 40EUR 50
    70 kmEUR 40EUR 45EUR 50EUR 60
    Team application *
    15 kmEUR 18EUR 23EUR 28-
    35 kmEUR 27EUR 32EUR 37-
    70 kmEUR 37EUR 42EUR 47-
    Juniors **
    15 kmEUR 15EUR 20EUR 25-
    35 kmEUR 20EUR 25EUR 30-
    70 kmEUR 30EUR 35EUR 40-

    *   – JUNIORS – persons born after January 1, 2003.
    ** – TEAM
    – 5 or more participants applying all together. All kind of teams are accepted: formal ones – running clubs, companies etc., and unformal as well – family, squad of friends etc.

    Account info

    Name:IK Adventure Company
    Reg. Nr:40002116651
    Address:19-37 Dammes iela, Rīga, LV-1069
    Bank:Swedbank AS
    SWIFT code:HABALV22
    Account Nr:LV23HABA0551012398822

    Please include team or participant name in participation fee payment notes!
    If you need an invoice, please contact organizers by mail - info @

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    See below list of registered participants! If you can not see previously registered participants name listed (name misspelling, wrong distance or gender, mistaken year of birth and all kind of mistakes) send note to e-mail: info @





    70 km, men

    SurnameNameCountryCityClub / Team
    Sirmais Mārtiņš LVA Rīga
    Luņins Kristians LVA
    Plaudis Mārtiņš LVA Sigulda SK Dzērvene / VSK Noskrien
    Komass Toms LVA Jelgava Supervaroņi
    Pae Andres 1 Tartu SK ProRunner
    Urtāns Jurģis LVA lauki Ineses dēļ
    Lukaševičs Ivars LVA Mārupes novads Hagberg
    Biktimirovs Konstantīns LVA Valdlauči
    Šnepste Jānis LVA Rīga
    Kalējs Aigars LVA Cēsis Virsotne/MARMOT
    Avotiņš Māris LVA Rīga
    Jegorovs Igors LVA Sigulda
    Sprūds Andris LVA Rīgā
    Gailis Emīls LVA Rīga Selonija
    Poikāns Aivis LVA
    Jakovļevs Vitālijs LVA Cēsis
    Dzenis Juris LVA Sigulda Taku Skrējējs / Sigulda
    Šmits Mārtiņš LVA
    Andersons Jānis LVA Babīte Ultrabārda76
    Geste Andis LVA Užava / Jelgava
    Ģērmanis Kaspars LVA Rīga
    Lūsis Ervīns LVA Rīga
    Sokolovskis Māris LVA Rīga
    Svilpe Klāvs LVA Kuldīga
    Menniks Elvijs LVA Jūrmala
    Spūlis Aivars LVA Ogre Izturība
    Adijāns Kaspars LVA Rīga Mežpils
    Bāliņš Andris LVA Jelgava
    Bundzinieks Aigars LVA Vaive
    Pormeisters Uldis LVA Valka
    Ūdris Aigars LVA Rīga BB
    Čunka Valdis LVA Rīga Mežpils/RAT
    Krievs Haralds LVA Sigulda TOUJOUR
    Muško Dainis LVA Jaunpils Kartavkalnu buki
    Krauklis Mārtiņš LVA Rīga
    Apenītis Sandis LVA Sigulda
    Birums Mārtiņš LVA Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Kokorevičs Edgars LVA Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Ceriņš Kristaps LVA Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Rudītis Rolands LVA Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Lērme Henrijs LVA Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Kažmers Arturs LVA Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Ozoliņš Mārtiņš LVA Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Kadiķis Artūrs LVA Sigulda
    Jasliņš Reinis LVA Rīga Jaunmārupe skrien!
    Kļavis Atis LVA Jaunmārupe Jaunmārupe skrien!
    Lunts Armands LVA Rīga
    Čevers Māris LVA Rīga Riga Adventure Team
    Zīle Mārtiņš LVA motorsvelk
    Lācis Kaspars LVA Sigulda Velo klubs Sigulda
    Kešāns Plenkovs Aldis LVA Rīga
    Kanna Kristaps LVA persistence
    Saukāns Dainis LVA Ikšķile
    Lubāns Gatis LVA Rīga
    Pupurs Andrejs LVA
    Fokerots Gusts LVA Upeslejas Vientuļais Vilks
    Pūcītis Gatis LVA Mārupe Riga Ironman Team
    Rozis Roberts LVA Rīga
    Čehovičs Kristaps LVA Ramata
    Silgals Kalvis LVA Surikati / Eveko poligrāfija
    Rubīns Elvis LVA

    70 km, women

    SurnameNameCountryCityClub / Team
    Močāne Baiba LVA Salacgrīva Amber Race
    Čerņevska Lauma LVA Rīga Vāveres
    Kadiķe Santa LVA Sigulda Siguldas Takas
    Upmace-Grīviņa Ieva LVA Rauna Surikati
    Sulg Mariann 1 Pärnu OK West
    Pucena Māra LVA Kuldīga
    Pastare Rita LVA
    Kāpiņa Inga LVA Sigulda Vāveres
    Troņenkova Kristīne LVA Mārupe Jaunmārupe skrien!
    Zīriuse Inta LVA Salacgrīva Noskrien Cēsis

    35 km, men

    SurnameNameCountryCityClub / Team
    Līcis Jānis LVA Rīga
    Ķemers Jānis LVA Baloži Rīga Adventure Team
    Sudārs Mārtiņš LVA Madona SK Lejas Lībieši
    Kūliņš Uģis LVA Saulkrasti
    Vītiņš Zigmunds LVA Cēsis
    Nāgelis Jānis LVA Saulkrasti Mona
    Baumanis Jānis LVA Rīga
    Meirēns Andis LVA Rīga Legs Misérables
    Seipulis Andris LVA Ložņa
    Vēberis Intars LVA Rīga
    Mūrnieks Arnis LVA Zaķumuiža
    Bondars Rūdolfs LVA Līvi
    Sīlis Viesturs LVA Rīga Reliģija
    Judkin Aleksandr LVA Rīga
    Allers Mārtiņš LVA Jūrmala
    Pauriņš Uģis LVA Tīnūžu pag. Izturība
    Apsītis Oskars LVA Sigulda 2KOKI
    Elstiņš Artūrs LVA Alūksne Marienburgas Vilki
    Bruners Kristaps LVA Sigulda Virsotne/MARMOT
    Rosickis Andris LVA Tīnūži
    Kūms Jānis LVA Rīga INOV-8 | Compressport Team Latvia
    Vilnis Edijs LVA Jūrmala VSK Noskrien
    Germovs Arvīds LVA Mārupe
    Kļaviņš Juris LVA Ozolnieki ZAJEC
    Veļķeris Jānis LVA Marienburgas Vilki
    Dambergs Ingars LVA Sigulda Team Dambergi/VSK Noskrien
    Žeibe Artūrs LVA Laimīgā Zeme Dabas baudītāji
    Zilgalvis Matīss LVA Rīga Supervaroņi
    Būmeisters Kārlis LVA Rīga
    Pūcītis Artis LVA Ādaži SSK Bebra
    Vanags Atis LVA Rubene
    Vītols Jānis LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Bērziņš Mārtiņš LVA Rīga
    Kļaviņš Mārtiņš LVA
    Ābelīte Arnis LVA Salaspils Virsotne/MARMOT
    Marnauza Martins LVA Ozolnieki TRIRUNPRO
    Ruskuls Jānis LVA Rīga TRIRUNPRO
    Groza Gatis LVA
    Zēmelis Ritvars LVA
    Lauva Kārlis LVA Rīga
    Kaldre Imants LVA Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Šķibusts Ansis LVA Mārupe Pulvera laboratorija - ProMed
    Tarasovs Vladimirs LVA Rīga
    Hofmanis Nauris LVA Rīga REMOSS
    Mālbergs Arnis LVA Līči VSK Noskrien
    Kirilko Nauris LVA Rīga
    Blumbergs Normunds LVA Saulkrasti

    35 km, women

    SurnameNameCountryCityClub / Team
    Urtāne Ērika LVA lauki Ineses dēļ
    Katlapa Linda LVA Sigulda Sigulda
    Šale Ivita LVA Skrīveri SSK Bebra
    Sīle Linda LVA Rīga Reliģija
    Skrastiņa Vineta LVA Cēsis Noskrien Cēsis
    Puķīte Irita LVA Saulkrasti
    Vindele Ilze LVA Rīga
    Vārna Inese LVA Laidze Ziemeļkurzeme OK
    Ceriņa Lauma LVA Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Dzelme Lita LVA Rīga Mežaparka Republika
    Zvīdriņa Ilze LVA Rīga
    Krūmiņliepa Karīna LVA Rīga Supervaroņi
    Vītola Alma LVA Pulvera laboratorija - ProMed
    Pupure Jolanta LVA Rīga
    Fokerote Raimonda LVA

    15 km, men

    SurnameNameCountryCityClub / Team
    Upītis Uldis LVA Rīga Turun Metsänkävijät
    Sanchez Javier 11 Saulkrasti
    Pušņins Arno LVA Sigulda
    Vunģis Edgars LVA Sigulda Garām ejot/
    Brālītis Ainārs LVA Rīga Rieksti
    Dazarts Māris LVA Rīga
    Kanenbergs Kristofers LVA Garkalne
    Kūkajs Armands LVA Rīga OZO Fitness
    Vērdiņš Jānis LVA Rīga OZO Fitness
    Šteiners Ansis LVA Alūksne Marienburgas Vilki
    Zirnis Ilmārs LVA Jelgava Matisons Runner's Club
    Bunkovskis Ingus LVA Ogre -
    Jarockis Aleksis LVA Rīga
    Kuzmins Aleksandrs LVA Rīga
    Leimanis Raivis LVA Smiltene Workout Riga
    Romanovs Andis LVA Selga
    Ragainis Mārtiņš LVA Selga
    Logins Guntars LVA Selga
    Bisenieks Uģis LVA Rīga
    Mičs Jānis LVA Limbaži
    Trapša Artis LVA
    Vīksne Kaspars LVA Cēsis
    Zuļģis Kalvis LVA Ikšķile Pavisam neganti
    Loginovs Deniss LVA Rīga OZO Fitness
    Rudzītis Mārtiņš LVA Sigulda Greengrass
    Bezzi Giovanni 10 Limbaži
    Kawamura Naojiro 14 Limbaži
    Mežulis Ansis LVA Jūrmala
    Šaboha Jurijs LVA
    Noviks Agris LVA Rīga
    Līdums Sandris LVA
    Kravalis Jānis LVA Sigulda
    Kravalis Ainārs LVA Sigulda
    Grieznis Didzis LVA Ķegums Pats par Sevi
    Putniņš Uldis LVA Infotrust
    Starcevs Gatis LVA Sigulda
    Mednis Einārs LVA Jaunmārupe
    Kalniņš Kaspars LVA Ogre 4 brāļi
    Sluga Arnis LVA Virsotne /MARMOT
    Jarohovičs Gatis LVA Sigulda
    Graudiņš Alvis LVA Ventspils
    Kampars Uģis LVA Tukums Kontūru meklētājs
    Kvālis Emīls LVA Mārupe Kontūru meklētājs
    Andersons Renarts LVA Vecdaugava
    Jermacāns Ainārs LVA Turaida

    15 km, women

    SurnameNameCountryCityClub / Team
    Veinberga Diāna LVA Mārupe
    Kučeruka Alisa LVA Saulkrasti
    Vilka Laura LVA
    Romanova Valentīna LVA Rīga
    Moistus Andra 1 OZO Fitness
    Ozoliņa Santa LVA OZO Fitness
    Grīnberga Irina LVA Sigulda
    Vāciete Līga LVA Rīga OZO Fitness
    Žogota Kristīne LVA Sigulda
    Tihomirova Ksenija LVA Rīga
    Otomere Inese LVA Rīga Vāveres
    Kurme Baiba LVA Selga
    Birģele Santa LVA Selga
    Pužule Baiba LVA Selga
    Treijere Monta LVA
    Ivaško Ieva LVA Ventspils Maratona klubs
    Audere Silva LVA
    Tora Aiga LVA Rīga
    Domracheva Jekaterina LVA Rīga OZO Fitness
    Alksne Elvita LVA Rīga
    Meikšāne Agnese LVA Rīga
    Silgale Daina LVA Rīga
    Lemeševska Gunita LVA Rīga
    Zumberga Dace LVA Sigulda
    Arāja Daina LVA Rīga
    Misūna Monta LVA Rīga
    Bašēna Alise Daniela LVA Salacgrīvas pagasts
    Krieva Iveta LVA Sigulda TOUJOUR
    Zemlīte Evita LVA Sigulda
    Putniņa Kristīne LVA Infotrust
    Baumane Vita LVA Jelgava TRIRUNPRO
    Austriņa Nora LVA Rīga Surikati
    Apsēna Kristīne LVA Rīga REMOSS
    Vilsone Sanda LVA Rīga
    Gulbinska Egija LVA Ķekavas novads Skriešanas akadēmija
    Lagzdiņa Margita LVA Rīga

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    There were three distances - mountain cross (15 km), half-marathon (35 km) and marathon (70 km).

    Distance parameters:

    15 km: length – 15,7 km; ascent – 730 m.
    35 km: length – 34,8 km; ascent – 1540 m.
    70 km: length – 69,5 km; ascent – 3000 m.

    Note. Map engines, mobile applications recalculate tracks, optimizing number of track points. So depending of the device/technology used there may be slight variations in distance and ascent meters as it is on real course.

    Two loop configurations was used in race: 

    A – small loop, 15,4 km (extra climb at start not included).
    AB – big loop, 19,1 km.

    Big loop (AB) uses same course as small loop (A) plus there is extra 4,3 km distance added.
    Order of track loops by distances:

    15 km:    A
    35 km:   A + AB
    70 km:   A + AB + AB + A


    You can download GPS track here: 

    15 km – skm2021_15km
    35 km – skm2021_35km
    70 km – skm2021_70km

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    SKM 2021

    Final ranking – below. Detailed times at course control stations, splits – here: results (.xlsx file).

    If you see any inaccuracies give us note by email: 


    Full ranking by groups and distances, split times at all time checkpoints on course can be seen in attachment here: rez_SKM2020

    Format - Excel (.xlsx), switch between data sheets at bottom left corner.


    Full ranking by groups and distances, split times at all time checkpoints on course can be seen in attachment here: res_final_SKM19

    Format - Excel (.xlsx), switch between data sheets at bottom left corner.



    Full ranking by groups and distances, split times at all time checkpoints on course can be seen in attachment here: res_skm2018_full

    Format - Excel (.xlsx), switch between data sheets at bottom left corner



    Full ranking by groups and distances, split times at all time checkpoints on course can be seen in attachment here: res_skm2017_full 

    Format - Excel (.xls), switch between data sheets at bottom left corner


    Full results of the Race ranked by group in distance (xls file): rez_skm2016_all

    Absolute ranking for marathon – 70 km, ITRA standart (xls file): res_mar16_70km_itra

    Absolute ranking for half-marathon – 35 km, ITRA standart (xls file): res_mar16_35km_itra

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    Photo / Video


    To be published after the Race.
    Below some links to photos and videos from last years races.


    SKM 2021 picture gallery by Agnese Vēze: Siguldas kalnu maratons 2021

    SKM 2021 picture gallery by Jānis Andersons: Siguldas kalnu maratons 2021

    SKM 2021 picture gallery by Antons Kranga:
    Siguldas kalnu maratons 2021

    SKM 2020 picture gallery by Agnese Vēze:
    Siguldas kalnu maratons 2020

    SKM 2020 picture gallery by Antons Kranga:
    Siguldas kalnu maratons 2020

    SKM 2019 picture gallery by Mareks Gaļinovskis:

    SKM 2018 picture gallery by Mareks Gaļinovskis:

    SKM 2017 album by Ralfs Jumiķis:

    SKM 2017 album by Taku Skrējējs on FB:



    Great footage by Arnis Kuzmanis posted on FB:

    Finish of Līga Līce (70 km, 3rd overall) by Mareks Gaļinovskis:

    10 minutes before the start... video by Mareks Gaļinovskis:


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