Sigulda Mountain Marathon 2023

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    Svētku laukums, Sigulda, Latvia.
    September 23, 2023, start time – 10:00.

    Organised by Biedrība Kalnkāpēju sporta centrs,
    in cooperation with IK Adventure Company.

    Organizer contacts:
    Phone: +371 2962 4863



    September 25. Detailed results with split times published at RESULTS section. Direct link to results file: 

    September 23. The marathon is over! The absolute winners in the marathon distance – 70 km – and the new Latvian champions in trail running are Agate Armane (7:48:30) and Kārlis Eiduks (7:01:39). Congratulations! Thanks to all participants, volunteers, marathon supporters and fans for being with us on the anniversary day of the marathon!

    September 21. Updated pre-start bulletin. First control-time at 9.2. corrected.

    September 20. The pre-start bulletin has been published: a detailed look at the layout of the competition center and the planned course of the race. Samples of track markings, info on the shower option after the finish, supporter discount codes and other useful information...
    Direct link to bulletin file:


    September 12. Race course published – see map
    You may explore race course on an interactive map at Trace de Trail website. See detailed profile. GPX file for download:
    – 20 km:
    – 70 km:

    Note: 10 km race course is not evaluated by ITRA, but it is part of 20 km course. GPX file only for 10km – here.


    June 26. Race info published, application opened! More info about the race will follow. 



    COVID-19 restrictions!
    Right now there are no restrictions for participation in Sigulda Mountain Marathon 2023 except ones for entering Latvia if you travel from abroad. Please check official informative page about the spread of COVID-19 in Latvia and travel restrictions:
    . Keep in mind that the rapidly changing conditions due to COVID-19 may enforce restrictions for public gatherings even at the last moment. We will keep you updated in case of changes.

    And we welcome you to follow on Facebook!

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    1. Distance

    1.1. Sigulda Mountain Marathon 2023 (Race) course is set on dirt roads, trails and off-road tracks in challenging terrain full of natural obstacles.

    1.2. There are three distances - mountain cross (10 km), anniversary (20 km) and marathon (70 km). Full distance parameters:

    DistanceReal length*Vertical climb*LoopsConfiguration
    10 km – mountain cross9-11 km400-500 m1see COURSE
    20 km – anniversary19-21 km800-1000 m1see COURSE
    70 km – marathon68-72 km2500-3200 m4see COURSE

    *note: closure of some park trails due to seasonal conditions may impact distance parameters even on race day morning.

    1.3. Course is marked with red/white tape and direction arrows. Judges are set along the course.

    1.4. Electronic timing system is used.

    2. Participants

    2.1. Participant must be at least 18 years old on start day. Participants from 16 years are allowed on mountain cross (15 km) course.

    2.2. Participant takes full responsibility about his health condition, insurance and ability to run chosen distance. Organisers provide medical assistance during event.

    2.3. Participants are divided into Men and Women and age groups:

    MenWomenYear of birthNotes
    V16S162006 – 2007May compete only in 10 km distance.
    V18S182003 – 2005
    V21S211984 – 2002
    V40S401974 – 1983
    V50S501964 – 1973
    V60S601963 and older

    2.4. Participant chooses distance during registration. Participant competes only in chosen distance. If another distance is completed result will be fixed but out of ranking.

    2.5. If there are less then three participants in group, then group is closed and participants are added to next group according scheme: S/V16 –> S/V18 –> S/V21 <– S/V40 <–S/V50 <–S/V60. 

    3. Application

    3.1. Application in advance may be done till September 20, 2023. Application form and participation fee details - see REGISTRATION.

    3.2. Participation fee includes: course preparation, judges work, number bibs, electronic timing chip rental, snacks and drinks on course and after the finish, prize pool.

    4. Start

    4.1. Participants register in Race centre on September 23, 2023 from 07.30 till 09.30. Race centre is located at Svētku laukums (square), Sigulda city. Finish is located at Race centre, but Race start will be given at the base of slope in front of Race centre.

    4.2. Participant receives number bibs which should be attached in front and clearly visible during the Race.

    4.3. Participant receives electronic chip which must be attached on hand according to given instructions.

    4.4. At 9.30 start area opens. Entering start area participant must pass electronic control station located in marked corridor. At the corridor entrance judge will check correct attachment of the electronic chip. Passing by electronic control station participant must make sure that his electronic chip issues both light and sound signals.

    4.5. Start is common for all classes and groups at 10.00. Map of start area will be published on website before the Race and will be available at Race centre.

    5. On course

    5.1. Participant should keep to marked course. Running out of marked course will lead to disqualification.

    5.2. Judges and electronic control stations are set along the course to control competition.

    5.3. In case of serious injury participant should ask other runners to report to nearest judge. Medical assistance and evacuation will be arranged.

    5.4. Time limit for 10 and 20 km competition - 8 hours.

    5.5. Time limit for 70 km competition - 12,5 hours. Finish is closed at 22.30. Last loops might be done in darkness conditions - headlamp necessary.

    5.6. As 70 km distance consists of four loops, control time for the third loop finish is set to 20:30. Runners delaying this control time are not allowed into final loop.

    5.7. Snacks and drinks will be available on course in approximately 7–10 km intervals. Special table is arranged at Race Centre for competitors own drinks and food.

    5.8. Trekking poles may be used by participants.

    6. Awards

    6.1. All runners receive traditional cast iron medals at finish line.

    6.2. At 20 km and 70 km distances prizes and diplomas are given to first three runners in each class and group. If there is less then eight competitors in group only first one will be awarded.

    6.3. Award ceremony is held not sooner as 1 hour after the finish of first three runners in group.

    6.4. There are no award ceremony and extra awards at 10 km distance, except cast iron medal to every finisher.

    7. Protests

    7.1. Protests must be presented in written form not later then 1 hour after participants finish time. Protest fee – 30 EUR – must be paid. If the protest is satisfied protest fee is repaid back.

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    On-line registration is closed!
    You still may apply onsite at the race centre before event.


    To apply for participation in Race please fill registration form below and make participation fee payment. Fee details and account info - below.


    Privacy policy is owned and maintained by IK Adventure Company.
    IK Adventure Company does not collect any personal data about homepage visitors without their consent.

    Applying to our sport event participant must be aware that:
    1) This is a public event where photo and video filming will take place with subsequent publication for a wide range of purposes - mass media publications, social networks, personal galleries, etc.
    2) Organisers need some personal data of the participants to ensure the correct conduct of the marathon and to be able to contact with participants.
    Only personal data has been collected through the registration form when person is applying to the event we are organising. All personal data is handled according to the purpose of the acquisition, for example, to put participant into correct start group by age and gender, or to send pre-start newsletters and other important event information via e-mail. etc. After the event, all participants’ personal data not necessary for final ranking table is automatically deleted within 30 days.
    IK Adventure Company has taken all necessary measures to ensure the protection of the personal data in accordance with the regulatory enactments in force in Latvia and to prevent their unjustified access to third parties.
    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us: info @

    Registration form

    Fields highlighted in red - mandatory.
    Field City is optional. Name of city or county you live in and want to be associated.
    Field Club or Team is optional. Leave blank if you do not want to publicly represent any.
    If you want to register more than one participant, click on the Add Participant button. All additional participants will be automatically assigned the same club/team of the first one.


    Participation fee

    All amounts are per person.

    DistancePaid till Sep 10Paid till Sep 21On–site at Race day
    Individual application
    10 kmEUR 20EUR 25EUR 40
    20 kmEUR 30EUR 35EUR 50
    70 kmEUR 50EUR 55EUR 60
    Team application *
    10 kmEUR 18EUR 23-
    20 kmEUR 27EUR 33-
    70 kmEUR 47EUR 53-
    Juniors **
    10 kmEUR 15EUR 20-
    20 kmEUR 25EUR 30-
    70 kmEUR 45EUR 50-

    *   – JUNIORS – persons born after January 1, 2005.
    ** – TEAM
    – 5 or more participants applying all together. All kind of teams are accepted: formal ones – running clubs, companies etc., and unformal as well – family, squad of friends etc.

    Account info

    Name:IK Adventure Company
    Reg. Nr:40002116651
    Address:19-37 Dammes iela, Rīga, LV-1069
    Bank:Swedbank AS
    SWIFT code:HABALV22
    Account Nr:LV23HABA0551012398822

    Please include team or participant name in participation fee payment notes!
    If you need an invoice, please contact organizers by mail - info @

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    See below list of registered participants! If you can not see previously registered participants name listed (name misspelling, wrong distance or gender, mistaken year of birth and all kind of mistakes) send note to e-mail: info @





    70 km, men

    SurnameNameCountryCityClub / Team
    Ģērmanis Kaspars LAT Rīga
    Dzenis Juris LAT Sigulda Taku Skrējējs
    Grīviņš Pēteris LAT Rauna Trailinity
    Avotiņš Māris LAT
    Dūdiņš Dzintars LAT Sigulda Mansardi
    Pētersons Miks LAT Rīga
    Sokolovskis Māris LAT Rīga
    Vecvagaris Matīss LAT Liepāja I Inov-8
    Lodiņš Elvis LAT Saldus
    Punāns Oskars LAT Ludza
    Urtāns Jurģis LAT Nervozie Ļautiņi
    Ūdris Aigars LAT Rīga BB
    Plaudis Mārtiņš LAT Sigulda Supervaroņi
    Stumbris Māris LAT Festina Lente
    Rusmanis Agris LAT Saldus
    Jaunķierpis Andis LAT Pope, Ventspils nov. Maratona klubs, Pope
    Grīnšteins Mārcis LAT Mārupes nov.
    Terjajevs Igors LAT
    Ozoliņš Mārtiņš LAT Valmiera Ultru Pikniks
    Lunts Armands LAT Rīga
    Spūlis Aivars LAT Ogre Izturība
    Kalējs Aigars LAT Cēsis Virsotne/MARMOT
    Opolais Intars LAT Ikšķile Izturība
    Čunka Valdis LAT Carnikava Mežpils / RAT
    Sprūds Andris LAT
    Kokorevičs Edgars LAT Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Ceriņš Kristaps LAT Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Rudītis Rolands LAT Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Ukass Jānis LAT Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Gailis Emīls LAT Rīga
    Stepanovs Jevgeņijs LAT Rīga Latvijas dzelzceļš
    Saavedra Ignacio URY Montevideo
    Lērme Henrijs LAT Valmiera Trailinity
    Markavs Andris LAT Saldus Saldus virves vilkšanas klubs
    Vanags Atis LAT Rubene
    Bāliņš Andris LAT Jelgava
    Ņebogatihs Vjačeslavs LAT Rīga Eleme Latvia
    Bundzinieks Aigars LAT Vaive
    Šulcs Rubens LAT Smiltene Supervaroņi
    Pūcītis Artis LAT Ādaži SSK Bebra
    Bērziņš Gints LAT Ikšķile
    Eiduks Kārlis LAT Olaine
    Zumbergs Miķelis LAT Dundaga Virsotne/MARMOT
    Lācis Kaspars LAT Sigulda Siguldas Takas
    Pūcītis Gatis LAT Supervaroņi
    Pupurs Andrejs LAT
    Celiņš Ivars LAT Daugmale Supervaroņi
    Šteinerts Māris LAT Mārupe
    Jegorovs Igors LAT Sigulda
    Šteinbergs Kristaps LAT Rīga Legs Misérables
    Sukonovs Roberts LAT Rīga Supervaroņi
    Rozis Roberts LAT Rīga
    Biders Toms LAT Saldus Legs Misérables
    Verdens Žans LAT Zaķumuiža
    Čehovičs Kristaps LAT Ramata Daba mūs sauc!
    Zuļģis Kalvis LAT Ikšķile Pieci arbūzi
    Tumkins Mihails LAT Medemciems
    Miller Argo EST Laagri
    Rubīns Elvis LAT Sigulda

    70 km, women

    SurnameNameCountryCityClub / Team
    Špate Kristīne LAT Rīga Lepsky Tri Coaching Systems
    Armane Agate LAT Sigulda Siguldas Takas/Supervaroņi
    Kuļčihina Svetlana LAT Rīga
    Vārna Inese LAT Talsi OK Ziemeļkurzeme
    Šķiņķe Iveta LAT Rīga
    Taulīna Aiga LAT Saldus
    Pupure Jolanta LAT Rīga
    Zīriuse Inta LAT Noskrien Cēsis
    Zīriuse Ieva LAT Rīga
    Žogota Kristīne LAT Sigulda Siguldas Takas
    Limanāne Ilze LAT Rīga Rieksti mīl Vāveres

    20 km, men

    SurnameNameCountryCityClub / Team
    Vanters Edgars LAT Rīga
    Krakops Jānis LAT Rīga Amatieris
    Muško Dainis LAT Jaunpils Kartavkalnu Buki
    Pae Andres EST Tartu SK ProRunner
    Silgals Kalvis LAT Rīga Surikati / Eveko poligrāfija / PUK
    Pētersons Edgars LAT Rīga
    Smočs Jānis LAT Rīga Supervaroņi
    Gromovs Sandis LAT Salacgriva AvanTūristi
    Bezbailis Ervins LAT Kuiviži
    Lapiņš Edgars LAT Rīga
    Dāvidnieks Artis LAT Valmiera
    Vītols Jānis LAT Gulbenes nov.
    Šķibusts Ansis LAT
    Auziņš Armands LAT Āgenskalns
    Vēberis Intars LAT Rīga
    Renner Emil GER Riga Riga Road Runners
    Birģelis Kārlis LAT Rīga
    Mainulis Raivis LAT Rīga Selga
    Savickis Kaspars LAT KGTeam
    Aļeksejevs Denis LAT Rīga
    Kļaviņš Mārtiņš LAT
    Ielītis Ivo LAT Rīga
    Damsons Klāvs LAT Salacgrīva Salacgrīvas avanTūristi
    Zilvers Jānis LAT Sigulda Siguldas takas / Supervaroņi / Devons
    Banga Tālis LAT Rīga
    Meldrājs Arvis LAT Rīga
    Kļavis Atis LAT Jaunmārupe Jaunmārupe skrien!
    Bruners Kristaps LAT Sigulda Virsotne/MARMOT
    Zilgalvis Matīss LAT Rīga Surikati
    Gauja Jānis LAT Ropažu nov.
    Bračka Lauris LAT Sigulda Priekuļi/Sigulda
    Bute Aleksejs LAT Jūrmala
    Brunovskis Edmunds LAT Rīga
    Kovaļevskis Deniss LAT Valmiera
    Deičmanis Ivo LAT Siguldas nov.
    Graudiņš Alvis LAT Ventspils
    Mežulis Ansis LAT Jūrmala Jūrmalas skrējēju klubs
    Znotiņš Ingus LAT Jēkabpils
    Nikolajevs Oļegs LAT Rīga Rīgas Sēņotāji
    Līdums Sandris LAT Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Judkin Aleksandr LAT Rīga
    Hofmanis Nauris LAT Rīga Remoss
    Andersons Jānis LAT Rīga VSK Noskrien
    Melgalvis Gatis LAT Valmiera Valmieras Velo Vienība
    Mūrnieks Arnis LAT Zaķumuiža mySport Ogre
    Sluga Arnis LAT Kalnciems Virsotne/MARMOT
    Apenītis Sandis LAT
    Krauklis Mārtiņš LAT Rīga
    Kļaviņš Juris LAT Ozolnieki ZAJEC
    Jansons Māris LAT Sigulda Ozons
    Zemturis Matīss LAT Ogre Mamma piespieda
    Drešmanis Andris LAT
    Germovs Arvīds LAT
    Šaboha Jurijs LAT Sigulda Garām ejot/
    Boginskis Sergejs LAT Rīga
    Jakovels Gints LAT Empowered to Win
    Stankevics Klāvs LAT Trailinity
    Bērziņš Andris LAT
    Nāgelis Jānis LAT Saulkrasti Mona
    Elstiņš Artūrs LAT Marienburgas vilki
    Mālbergs Arnis LAT Līči, Ropažu nov. VSK Noskrien
    Indričāns Oļģerts LAT Rēzekne
    Avotiņš Gatis LAT Sigulda Radio Marija Latvija
    Priedītis Kārlis LAT Rīga
    Vunģis Edgars LAT Sigulda Garām ejot/
    Kronbergs Normunds LAT Rīga Tukums
    Pušņins Ivo LAT Sigulda
    Pušņins Arno LAT Sigulda
    Daugulis Edgars LAT Sigulda Virsotne
    Ozoliņš Mārtiņš LAT Bukulti
    Zinbergs Māris LAT Sigulda Supervaroņi / Siguldas Takas
    Kronbergs Dainis LAT Rīga Tukums
    Jermacāns Ainārs LAT LV
    Mūrnieks Agnis LAT OZO Fitness
    Kanenbergs Kristofers LAT Ropažu novads SCOTT RUNNING LATVIA
    Vilaks Gatis LAT Rīga WildType
    Zirnis Ilmārs LAT Jelgava Matisons Runners club
    Gordejevs Artūrs LAT Rīga Marathon Club of Latvia
    Skrulis Kristaps LAT Sigulda
    Limanāns Dainis LAT Rīga Rieksti mīl Vāveres

    20 km, women

    SurnameNameCountryCityClub / Team
    Boldāne Ilze LAT
    Kārkliņa Ilva LAT Sigulda
    Sīle Linda LAT Rīga
    Jurševica Līga LAT Rīga zakitis_bizotajs
    Šale Ivita LAT Skrīveri
    Rutkovska Simona LAT Upesciems
    Vītola Alma LAT
    Burda-Lapsiņa Ksenija LAT
    Lochmann Lisa ITA Riga Riga Road Runners
    Valkama Eveliina FIN Riga Riga Road Runners
    Bērziņa Jana LAT Pāvilosta
    Urtāne Ērika LAT Nervozie Ļautiņi
    Austriņa Nora LAT Rīga Surikati
    Romanova Valentīna LAT Rīga Riga Trail Runners / Supervaroņu treniņi
    Muceniece Lauma LAT Ķekava
    Kokoreviča Inese LAT Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Rudzīte Diāna LAT Jelgava
    Tilta-Kūma Zane LAT Rīga
    Līce Līga LAT Sigulda
    Kronberga Ilze LAT Tukums Tukums
    Čerņevska Lauma LAT Rīga Rieksti mīl Vāveres
    Baļčūne Iveta LAT Rīga Kāpa OK
    Zvīdriņa Ilze LAT Rīga
    Beinere Daiga LAT Rīga OK Ziemeļkurzeme
    Gaiziņa Ieviņa LAT Jelgava VSK Noskrien

    10 km, men

    SurnameNameCountryCityClub / Team
    Güllich Johannes GER Riga Riga Road Runners
    Liepiņlauskis Gatis LAT Rīga Regresīvie
    Ozoliņš Raimonds LAT Sigulda
    Rumjancevs Dmitrijs LAT Rīga MMR
    Pētersons Mairis LAT Ilzenes pag.
    Nīmanis Reinis LAT Ogre
    Kucins Krišjānis LAT
    Bitenieks Alvis LAT Rīga Riga Wood Baltic
    Döhling Jakob GER Riga Riga Road Runners
    Stürmer Max GER Riga Riga Road Runners
    Kevin Kevin GER Riga Riga Road Runners
    Vēzis Ojārs LAT Rīga Supervaroņu treniņi
    Abražuns Intars LAT Rīga
    Ozoliņš Jānis LAT OZO Fitness
    Zaļais Jānis LAT Saulkrasti
    Žumburs Gints LAT Rīga Legs Miserables
    Balodis Sandis LAT Valmiera
    Kvālis Emīls LAT BJJ Academy
    Žeibe Artūrs LAT Ropaži Ņiprie Ikri
    Norenbergs Sandris LAT Sigulda
    Baltiņš Emīls LAT Rīga nav
    Norenbergs Lauris LAT Sigulda Supervaroņi
    Dazarts Māris LAT Rīga
    Sungatuļins Emīls LAT Rīga
    Sluga Ritvars LAT Kalnciems Virsotne/MARMOT
    Saulīte Emīls LAT IF Ärla
    Elksnitis Edvins LAT Rīga
    Plots Gatis LAT Sigulda
    Loginovs Deniss LAT Riga OZO Fitness

    10 km, women

    SurnameNameCountryCityClub / Team
    Stunda Evelīna LAT
    Rumjanceva Arianda LAT Rīga MMR
    Schreck Mara Victoria GER Rīga Riga Road Runners
    Ozoliņa Santa LAT Mārupe OZO Fitness
    Mercalova Ieva LAT Sigulda
    Pētersone Vineta LAT Rūjiena / Rīga
    Zāģere Annija LAT Rīga OZO Fitness
    Lapa Solveiga LAT Jūrmala
    Spundiņa Antra LAT Rīga
    Parthey Nele GER Rīga Riga Road Runners
    Grefer Henrieke GER Riga Riga Road Runners
    Aldenborg Alissa GER Riga Riga Road Runners
    Hanna Krekler GER Riga Riga Road Runners
    Grīnberga Irina LAT Sigulda
    Vahere-Abražune Emīlija LAT Rīga SS Arkādija
    Līce Linda LAT Saulkrasti
    Lapiņa Sanda LAT ZVOC-VBSS
    Gulbe-Grišāne Inese LAT Ikšķile
    Appelt Soraya GER Rīga Riga Road Runners
    Meikšāne Agnese LAT Rīga
    Vinogradova Līga LAT Rīga
    Zenina Natalija LAT Riga
    Saknīte Inga LAT Rīga
    Birnbauma Līga LAT Rīga
    Puriņa Līva LAT Valmiera VSK Burkānciems & Co
    Hofmane Kristīne LAT Rīga Remoss
    Vanaga Vineta LAT Rubene
    Ķēniņa Anna LAT Rīga
    Baltiņa Annija LAT Rīga Virsotne/Marmot
    Tetere Dace LAT Rīga Lielie Dibeni/Supervaroņi
    Kuzņecova Jūlija LAT
    Čekriževa Anastasija LAT
    Gedrovica Gita LAT Rīga Rieksti mīl Vāveres
    Tihonova Anna LAT Rīga
    Cepliša Ieva LAT
    Lagzdiņa Margita LAT -
    Žaunerčika Kristiāna LAT Ogre

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    See race course below.


    There are three distances - mountain cross (10 km), anniversary distance (20 km) and marathon (70 km).

    Distance parameters:

    10 km: length – 10,8 km; ascent – 478 m.
    20 km: length – 20,1 km; ascent – 859 m.
    70 km: length – 70,4 km; ascent – 2819 m.

    Note. Map engines, mobile applications recalculate tracks, optimizing number of track points. So depending of the device/technology used there may be slight variations in distance and ascent meters as it is on published/real course.

    Two loop configurations is used in race: 

    A – small loop, 10,6 km (extra climb at start not included).
    AB – big loop, 19,9 km (extra climb at start not included).

    Big loop (AB) uses same course as small loop (A) plus there is extra 9,3 km distance (loop B) added.
    Order of track loops by distances:

    10 km:    A
    20 km:   AB
    70 km:   AB + AB + AB + A


    You can download GPS track here: 

    10 km – skm2023_10km
    20 km – skm2023_20km
    70 km – skm2023_70km

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    Detailed times at course control stations, splits – here: rez_SKM2023 (.xlsx file). Switch between data sheets at bottom left corner.

    70 km
    20 km
    10 km



    Detailed times at course control stations, splits – here: rez_SKM2022 (.xlsx file). Switch between data sheets at bottom left corner.


    times at course control stations, splits – here: rez_SKM2021 (.xlsx file).


    Full ranking by groups and distances, split times at all time checkpoints on course can be seen in attachment here: rez_SKM2020
    Format - Excel (.xlsx), switch between data sheets at bottom left corner.


    Full ranking by groups and distances, split times at all time checkpoints on course can be seen in attachment here: res_final_SKM19
    Format - Excel (.xlsx), switch between data sheets at bottom left corner.


    Full ranking by groups and distances, split times at all time checkpoints on course can be seen in attachment here: res_skm2018_full
    Format - Excel (.xlsx), switch between data sheets at bottom left corner


    Full ranking by groups and distances, split times at all time checkpoints on course can be seen in attachment here: res_skm2017_full 
    Format - Excel (.xls), switch between data sheets at bottom left corner


    Full results of the Race ranked by group in distance (xls file): rez_skm2016_all
    Absolute ranking for marathon – 70 km, ITRA standart (xls file): res_mar16_70km_itra
    Absolute ranking for half-marathon – 35 km, ITRA standart (xls file): res_mar16_35km_itra

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    Photo / Video


    To be published after the Race.
    Below some links to photos and videos from last years races.


    SKM 2022 picture gallery by Jānis Andersons: Siguldas kalnu maratons 2022

    SKM 2022 picture gallery by Antons Kranga: Siguldas kalnu maratons 2022

    SKM 2021 picture gallery by Agnese Vēze: Siguldas kalnu maratons 2021

    SKM 2021 picture gallery by Antons Kranga:
    Siguldas kalnu maratons 2021

    SKM 2020 picture gallery by Agnese Vēze:
    Siguldas kalnu maratons 2020

    SKM 2020 picture gallery by Antons Kranga:
    Siguldas kalnu maratons 2020

    SKM 2019 picture gallery by Mareks Gaļinovskis:

    SKM 2018 picture gallery by Mareks Gaļinovskis:

    SKM 2017 album by Ralfs Jumiķis:

    SKM 2017 album by Taku Skrējējs on FB:



    Videostory by Guntars Mankuss posted on FB:

    Great footage by Arnis Kuzmanis posted on FB:

    Finish of Līga Līce (70 km, 3rd overall) by Mareks Gaļinovskis:

    10 minutes before the start... video by Mareks Gaļinovskis:


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